The first book in a series of super creative musical expeditions to help keep young music learners engaged, inspired, and entertained all at once. 

Read the book…Learn the songs…Watch the video…then YOU play the Soundtrack in Real Time!

Sarah and the Magic Piano is a hybrid children’s story/music book with 18 solo piano pieces that serve as a soundtrack to the story. An animated video using our unique You Create the Soundtrack™ method (patent pending) allows the young musician to play the piano and create the soundtrack in real time while watching the video on an electronic device.

The book is a gorgeous interweaving of story, original color artwork, and scores.

Our products give piano students a uniquely creative approach to music education that integrates all the gadgets they love and use everyday. 

How can you use and enjoy Sarah and the Magic Piano?

  • Read it as a traditional children’s story with the advantage of exposing young ones to written music in an informal way
  • Play the pieces as a traditional piano book
  • Play the piano while reading the story for a completely immersive storytelling experience
  • Watch the complete video and enjoy the story while you familiarize yourself with the music
  • Play the piano and watch the video to create the soundtrack in real time
  • Listen to a recording of the audiobook
  • In a piano recital setting, play the pieces and create a live soundtrack while the video is screened for the audience
  • Perform the work with one student playing the pieces and another reading the story